What is Sustain?

POSITIVE+ is proudly subscribed to Sustain®, POPAI’s eco-design indicator tool.  But what is it and how can it measure the environmental impacts of your next Point of Sale project?

With sustainability a key topic for our clients and retailers, it is becoming increasingly important for us to measure the environmental impact of display items. 

We use Sustain® to generate scores for the following areas:

  • Design– Measures the number of components and materials used in a display, analysing its complexity and the design’s environmental impact.
  • Supply chain logistics– The tool measures the weight of each component, transport method and distance between supplier and manufacturer.
  • Materials, processes & packaging– For each component, the tool calculates the carbon and water content, renewability, recyclability and recycled content.
  • Delivery logistics– Analyses the efficiency of the logistics between supplier and customer, by measuring both distances and optimisation of vehicle load.
  • Recycled content– Measures the recycled content by percentage weight of both display and packaging materials.
  • End of life- This includes ease of disassembly and how the materials will be disposed of; recycled, reused, incinerated or landfilled.

The ability to compare displays against proposed alternatives is a key feature in Sustain®. Once we’ve got the initial results, we can offer recommendations to improve scores, such as how to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the recycled content and recyclability.

Tony Dennington, Chief Commercial Officer & Sustainability Officer at POSITIVE+ said: “Several retailers are now insisting on a sustainability rating for Point of Sale displays.  By using Sustain® we can accurately calculate the environmental impact and make recommendations on where further improvements can be made.”

POSITIVE+ help clients build strong brands by combining creativity with the highest quality print and production. All with professionalism, efficiency and our commitment to sustainability. We are proud to be an approved supplier to Boots, Superdrug, The Fragrance Shop, The Perfume Shop, Fenwick, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and other retailers.

From creative design and in-house production to liaising with retailers and installation, we take care of the whole process. If you need a sustainability rating for your next Point of Sale project, we would love to hear from you.   Contact Tony Dennington today on 020 8544 5500 or email tony@wearepositive.com

5 Reasons to Love Print

Print is a unique, powerful and effective channel of communication.  With Valentine’s Day this month, here are our top five reasons to love print:

  1. Print is sensual
    Print is unique as it is a media that you can see, feel and even smell. In psychological experiments, people value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see1.
  2. Print is memorable
    In Kantar Media’s TGI survey, 80% of respondents said that they can remember seeing or reading advertising mail sent to them in the last 4 weeks2.
  3. Print is trustworthy
    Between 7 and 8 out of 10 people think print is twice as trustworthy as its closest rival- email- as well as providing better personalisation and content than any other medium3.
  4. Print is sustainable
    Three to four trees are replanted for every one tree logged in managed forests. European Forests have actually grown by 30% since 19504.
  5. Print increases ROI
    A BrandScience analysis of 500+ European cases shows that, in case of FMCG, TV’s ROI increased with 61% when used in combination with print advertising and 57% with the combination of TV and print media.

Print is a true craft. Achieving the subtleties of finish and finesse still calls for extreme skill of hand and eye, with genuine care in the process.  The creative agencies and luxury brands that repeatedly trust POSITIVE+ with their most important work all crave this craftsmanship.

Call us today on 020 8544 5500 or email hello@wearepositive.com to discuss your next campaign.


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Copra Ball

Copra Ball

POSITIVE+ transformed the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London with stunning event branding for the most prestigious Cosmetics and Perfumery event of the year. 

Copra Ball

Over 500 beauty and fragrance insiders came together to celebrate and raise essential funds for industry charity Look Good Feel Better UK on Thursday 9th November.

Copra Ball

We were delighted to host some of our clients at our table and our team had a wonderful time catching up with our fabulous beauty and fragrance friends. 

POSITIVE+ helped Copra make the right impression by producing a range of impactful event materials including wall vinyls, window vinyls, column vinyls, showcards, table plans, table cards, menus and more! We took care of the whole process, from the site survey and printing to installation and de-rigging. 

Copra Ball

Founded in 1981, COPRA is a non-profit membership organization set up to provide a focus for the cosmetics and perfume industry. At the Ball Dior Beauty was awarded ‘The Copra Supplier Excellence Award’ and Annalise Fard, Beauty Director of Harrods Beauty won ‘The Copra Industry Excellence Award’. 

Copra Ball

Debbie Trumper of Copra said “Thank you to POSITIVE+ for supplying all our event branding for this year’s Copra Ball, it was amazing. The service and professionalism from the whole POSITIVE+ team has been exceptional”.  

POSITIVE+ has a wealth of experience in the event branding and point of sale industries.  To discuss your next project, email Tony Dennington today tony@wearepositive.com

We’re Hiring!

We are hiring a new Client Services Executive. Could you be the one we’re looking for?

We are currently looking for a highly motivated, enthusiastic and energetic Client Services Executive to join our company, which specializes in producing the highest quality print and production for major brands.

Experience is not essential, but you must have good customer service skills, great communication skills and a willingness to learn. 

Applicants need to be able to easily drive/ commute to our Mitcham office and be able to visit clients in London and surrounding areas.

The successful candidate will be responsible for making sure each of our departments meets the needs of our clients and customers. 

View full Job Description

To apply, email your CV to Sarah Carter, Sales Manager sarah@wearepositive.com

For further information about Careers at POSITIVE+ visit our careers page

FSC Certification

How can FSC® boost your brand?

FSC® Forest Week 2023 is taking place 23rd-29th September.  But how can the trusted tree logo help you and boost your brand’s eco-credentials?

The Forest Stewardship Council® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home.

The FSC® system allows businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources.

The respected “tick tree” logo is used to indicate that products are certified under the FSC® system. When you see the logo on a label, you can buy forest products with confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

So how can choosing certified materials help your brand’s eco-credentials? 

A lot of FSC® certified materials now have a very high percentage of recycled materials and can also be easily recycled, which can really help your brand to achieve your sustainability targets.  

Plus, subject to a short approval process, you can add the respected “tick tree” logo to your design, which is a great way of communicating your brand’s eco-credentials to your customers.  

At POSITIVE+ we stock a vast range of FSC® materials and we are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified.  This ensures that materials have been checked at every stage of processing, so you can be confident that all of our FSC® labelled products are genuinely certified.

And if you would like to add the coveted “tick tree” logo to your design, we can handle the approval process for you. 

If you would like to use FSC® certified materials in your next project,  call Tony Dennington, Chief Commercial & Sustainability Officer today on 020 8544 5500 or email tony@wearepositive.com. 

Find out more on our Sustainability Page.