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Winning Business with Printed Brochures and Flyers

28 August 2014
By Kim Sullivan

In an increasingly digital world, we often get asked how printed brochures can be used to win business. Our response is always the same; just like direct mail, printed brochure marketing is still an effective acquisition channel when executed properly. Even old school methods like using Custom Water bottles to raise brand awareness are still effective, in fact they are a refreshing change from being bombarded with online adverts which is the norm now. Below are 3 ways in which printed brochures – and other printed marketing collateral – can help you win business:

Brand Awareness

Any savvy marketer will tell you the importance of brand awareness for a successful business. If a potential customer doesn’t know who you are then when they require our product or service, they don’t think about you. So it comes as no surprise to find that any company looking to raise brand awareness through digital methods would check out sites like, as this can help their business attract potential customers and make a memorable name for themselves. Additionally, brochures can be a form or direct marketing, blanket advertising or even re-marketing depending on how they’re distributed, but in any instance, they still aid in increasing brand awareness.

Any time a brochure reaches a potential customer’s hands we are extending our reach and placing our messaging exactly where we want it to be. The next time that the client requires services you offer, they may just think of you.

Also, don’t forget how they are going to be presented; perhaps invest in brochure holders from Shop Fittings Direct to place in your store, front desk, coffee table or wherever people will see it.

Tangible Marketing Asset

There is a reason that direct mail has a greater response rate then email marketing, because a piece of paper is tangible an often resonates with a potential customer far more than its digital equivalent. The same can be said for a flyer or brochure. Having a physical piece of paper is far more difficult to forget about or ignore than an email.

Added Weight to Offers and Discounts

Personalised offers or discounts can be a great way to encourage your customers to visit your website or to help to increase footfall to a physical premises. Regardless of the offer itself, taking the time to print it adds ‘weight’; that is to say it increases the perceived value of the offer in the eyes of your customer

If you would like to speak to the experts about how printed marketing collateral could help your business, please contact Danny today for more information:

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