Reach more customers with mail

16 March 2021
By Kim Sullivan

Customer acquisition has become a key challenge for marketers.  The good news is there are three ways you can reach more customers with mail- Partially Addressed Mail, Direct mail and Door Drops. 

Many brands face the reality of depleted marketing lists, so attracting new subscribers and increasing customer acquisition has become a top priority. Royal Mail Market Reach has published a guide on 3 Proven ways to boost your acquisition strategy. 

How can mail boost your acquisition strategy?

Mail is a proven channel when it comes to boosting acquisition. Its physical and tactile nature grabs customers’ attention, putting your brand directly into their hands. And it’s this physicality that also means it’s a channel customers remember.

All reasons why mail, as part of a multichannel acquisition strategy, can increase awareness and help drive sales. Even digital first businesses like Google and Amazon use mail in their acquisition campaigns.

1. PARTIALLY ADDRESSED MAIL- Target new customers without requiring their data

Partially Addressed Mail is a highly targeted and responsible way to reach new customers.  Instead of addressing the mailing to an individual, you can target small groups of around 15 carefully selected households. 

There are a couple of ways of targeting new customers – ‘topping up’ and ‘lookalikes’. ‘Topping up’ targets people in postcode areas where you already have customers. ‘Lookalikes’ are simply new postcode areas identified as similar to those where your current customers live.

By combining both ways, you’ll get greater coverage of potential customers, helping to make your campaign successful. Partially Addressed Mail is therefore ideal for achieving targeted reach in specific locations, particularly when combined with other channels.

2. DIRECT MAIL- Reach new customers in a personal way

Direct Mail (DM) is addressed mail sent to a named person. It’s a strong acquisition tool because it opens a one-to-one relationship between your brand and prospective customers. In fact, 70% of people said mail made them feel more valued compared to 30% for email.

Personalisation is one of the reasons why DM has a 94% engagement rate, literally placing your brand into a named individual’s hands.  If you have a database or purchase third party data, make Direct Mail a tactile and engaging part of your multichannel acquisition strategy.

3. DOOR DROPS- Reach more households, locally or nationally

Door drops are a flexible and cost-effective way to get leaflets, flyers and brochures into customers’ hands, either locally or nationally. Their versatility is what makes them so appealing.

Whether you want to achieve a broad reach across a specific area, or nationally across
multiple areas, door drops are a targeted way to find the right people at scale. They’re perfect for things like new store openings, events, or promoting services in your local area.

Door drops work hard, too. Research shows that 90% of campaigns that included door drops saw an increase in new customers, compared to 59% of those without.

In addition, 67% of people were prompted to buy after receiving a door drop. So, it’s no surprise that these mailings can add a healthy boost to your sales.


In a world where acquiring new customers is proving ever more difficult, mail gives you a choice of three flexible and effective ways to boost customer acquisition as part of your marketing mix.

At POSITIVE+ we can manage all aspects of your mail campaign.  From data cleansing and personalisation to printing and postage, we can take care of the whole process to provide a seamless, cost efficient and high-quality campaign.

To bring your creative ideas to life call us today on 020 8544 5500, email or visit our Direct Mail page for more information.

Download Royal Mail’s 3 Proven ways to boost your acquisition strategy guide at

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