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5 Essential Multichannel Marketing Facts

04 April 2018
By Kim Sullivan

Multichannel marketing campaigns see a greater return on investment, yield higher results and can even improve company revenue.

5 Essential Multichannel Marketing Facts:-

  • 97% of multichannel marketers have seen improvement in their company’s revenue.
  • 72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel integrated marketing channels.
  • 52% of multichannel marketers say they “usually” or “always” hit their financial targets.
  • Campaigns are 45% higher with print, web landing page, email & mobile marketing.
  • Multichannel B2C campaigns see a 24% greater return on investment.

View our 5 Essential Multichannel Marketing Facts Infographic here.

Powerful multichannel marketing technology can automate and publish personal and measurable campaigns across print, websites, emails, mobile media and even social media. One way of marketing that is still highly successful is the use of business cards, and companies like Arbonne have represenatives all over the world that help to market their company using business cards and other promotional material.

Marketers can now create data driven campaigns, along with Magento SEO services, that link personalised direct mail pieces to personal landing pages.

Multichannel marketing is a particularly impactful approach within the financial services sector. By spreading a campaign over multiple channels, the finance industry can promote their services to reach a wide audience. Financial seminars can often be marketed in this way. To learn more about financial seminar marketing, head to the LeadJig website.

There are other sectors that can benefit from multichannel marketing too. Being able to integrate direct mail into online strategies will be beneficial to many organisations post GDPR, as the ICO has confirmed that brands do not need consent for postal marketing.

Positive are ISO 27001 and DMA accredited print, direct mail and multichannel marketing specialists. Our multichannel marketing service can help improve your customer engagement and generate better results through your marketing campaigns and journeys.

Find out more about our multichannel marketing service here.

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