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5 Key GDPR Questions

01 March 2018
By Kim Sullivan

The EU Data Protection Regulation (gdpr) is replacing the Data Protection Act, reshaping the way organisations approach data privacy. It aims to give citizens back the control over their own personal data. The enforcement date is 25 May 2018 and those in non-compliance may face heavy fines.

Marketing Week recently published an article on ‘GDPR: Five questions marketers must answer before May’.

These 5 questions can help towards your data privacy changes:

  1. Have you completed a data audit? – It is recommended you examine your data flows. This can be a real eye-opener for organisations, as they may find bits of data lying around that not everyone knows about.
  2. Is consent the right course? –You may decide to take different actions for different data categories. If your recent data fulfils the requirements of GDPR then re-permissioning shouldn’t be required. However if older data doesn’t have adequate permissions than you may need to refresh consent for this category.
  3. What are your ‘legitimate interests’? – The requirements of using legitimate interests are that you have a relationship with the consumer, and that they would reasonably expect you to carry out the specific kinds of data processing you are employing.
  4. How sensitive is your consumer profiling? –Legitimate Interests could also be used for profiling non- sensitive data. However if you are profiling sensitive data, such as household income received from a third party, you may need to ask for consent.
  5. Could your mum understand your privacy policy? – You need to tell people everything and it must be really easy to understand. Privacy policies are there to inform the consumer and not just to protect the business.

Positive are ISO 27001 and DMA accredited print, direct mail and multichannel marketing specialists. Our multichannel marketing service could help you re-permission data that doesn’t meet the GDPR standard.

For further information please contact Danny Sullivan, Managing Director on 020 8544 5500 or email

Source: Michael Barnett (2018) ‘GDPR: Five questions marketers must answer before May’ Marketing Week. Available at:

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